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TO DO or NOT TO DO a FIRST REVEAL... That is the question?

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Let us start off by explaining what a first reveal is.

A FIRST REVEAL or FIRST LOOK is when the couple see’s each other before the actual ceremony.

Let us go into the PRO’s and CON’s of this decision.


A STRESS FREE wedding day. By having a first reveal you are able to get all of your photographs done prior to the wedding. This will allow you a sense of freedom once you walk down the aisle. You will be able to enjoy every aspect of your wedding and you will not be missing any of the party or fun.

COCKTAIL HOUR is yours! You, your bridal party, and your family will be able to attend all of cocktail hour. Since you have completed all your photos before hand you are free to drink, eat and mingle with all your guests.

STUNNING PHOTOGRAPHS! Having a first look will allow more time for your photographer to get all the images, poses and looks you want. This would be something you should discuss before so the photographer knows how much time is needed for this portion of the day.


EARLY START. Due to getting all your images done before hand you are looking at about 2 hours extra prior to your ceremony on top of bridal prep. If you have a day wedding this means you could be looking at a 7:30 AM start time with the photographer! Hair and makeup would be done before that time!

NON TRADITIONAL. If you wanted that traditional first look of your partner seeing you walk down the aisle.

EXPENSE. Having a first look may extend the photographers coverage time. This would all depend on the location to each aspect of your day.

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Maternity Session in El Paso, TX


Being pregnant is such a special time in a families life. Why not have a photo session to document such an amazing experience.

Priscilla and Antonio jumped on this opportunity and knew exactly where they wanted to have it done. They are an outdoors couple and it only made sense to do the shoot with the Franklin Mountains in the backdrop.

We actually did their engagement session in the Franklin Mountains so it is wonderful to have some of those aspects in this shoot. Multiple shoots like this allows me to really understand a couple and see what side of them they may want displayed in a session.

In just a few short months they will be an amazing mom and dad to their third child. Such an exciting time in their lives and I can not wait until they welcome their little boy into this world.

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So You're Engaged

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Are You Engaged?

Are You Adventurous?

Are You Happy To Be A Part Of A Creative Process.

Experiment With Photography.

And Go With The Flow?

If this is you, we will be a great fit!

We are looking for new couples that want some unique, one of a kind Engagement Photos and don't mind being a little adventurous!

This offer is ONLY FOR 3 COUPLES that are madly in love and will do what it takes to get epic engagement photos. 

These unique engagement sessions are completely FREE! Yup, 100% Free! We will even provide a downloadable link, so you can obtain your 50 images.

Why? We want to explore the area and meet amazing couples. Our company has just moved to El Paso, and we want to get to know more about this place.

If this sounds like you and your Fiance then simply fill out the contact info below and give us some details and we will speak soon!


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El Paso, Texas - RED SANDS

Red Sands - El Paso, Texas

Coming from NY this is not a typical backdrop for my engagement shoots.  However, Alexis and Ivan could not have made this amazing backdrop look any better.  These two needed little to no direction and had no issue showing their love and just being in the moment. 

Many couples ask should I bring more than one outfit?  I always say if you want to go for it but, make sure you have two very different looks.  Go for one fancy and one casual.  These two nailed exactly that and received two very different looks that showed two very different sides of them.  This was the perfect introduction to shooting in Texas and I can not wait to shoot more down there!